Yes.  Some people simply wish to either top up their income or supplement their pension.  Others see bricks and mortar investments as a platform to create wealth, financial freedom and security.

Buy-to-let is simply the name given to properties being purchased with the intent of renting them to the private sector.

'Bricks and mortar' is an asset based investment. In a strong UK housing market with high demand for rental accommodation, the benefits are two fold.  Capital appreciation on the asset and yield (rental income).

In simple terms, statistics clearly demonstrate that 'bricks and mortar' have always out perfromed other asset based investments.  You also have total control over the asset (property) with a steady growth in value over time.  Demand and supply also dictate risinig rental income.  In a buoyant housing market, individuals and famillies are opting for the private rented sector.

One in five UK properties indicate that by 2025 twenty five percent of all UK residential property will be from the private rental sector.  Buy-to-let, lets you take advantage of that growth (capital appreciation) as well as providing an income stream (money from renting your property out).

Yes.  There are specifically buy-to-let mortgages offered by a selection of lenders.  They are completely different from residential mortgages and are subject to specific criteria.  In general terms, they are commercially stress tested against expected rental yields and future interest increases.  Different lenders have different criteria for buy-to-let mortgages.  Different lenders can differ greatly so it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist mortgage advisor to discuss your specific requirments.

Different people have very different objectives.  It is a serious investment and we recommend that you speak to a specialist buy-to-let consultant to understand clearly what bespoke investment properties are available and which cater specifically to your requirements.  Only then should you analyse the opportunities available.  The main fundamental consideration is how much you can afford to invest.  This is generally a medium to long term asset investment, so please be conscious that your capital is usually tied up for a substantial period of time.


Buying a unit off plan is one that is either in the process of being built or has not yet been built.  It is perceived as a higher risk investment.  However, there are clear rewards that many investors feel out weigh the risks.  The concept is that in a rising market, off plan properties are priced lower than market value, meaning that you are buying below current market value with the expectation that the property value will increase significantly during the build and deliver time.

To further mitigate the risk you should purchase in established hotspots, and off a developer with a proven track record of completing their developments on time.

Gross yield refers to your gross rental income before deducting costs.

Net yield refers to your Net income after deducting costs.

It is important that you clearly understand the difference between gross and net as the associated costs can have a significant impact on your returns.

Associated costs can include, ground rents, service charge, letting fees and maintenance.

As a guide, an investment that may return £10,000 gross rental income will typically have associated costs in the region of £2,000 PA.

It is important to remember that gross and net returns vary depending on the price, type and location of your property.

A freehold acquisition means you own both the property and the land it is built on.

A leasehold purchase means that whilst you own the property you lease the land the unit is built on for a specific amount of time.

Lease hold is very common, but it is a good idea to establish the length of the lease, the amount payable and the terms of the lease.  Your solicitor will review the lease and revert back to you in the 'report on title'


This is one of the most frequent concerns investors have.  Most of our investors are buying in the North West due to high returns achieveable.  We strongly suggest that you look for a hands free investment and ensure that your investment is fully managed by an established reputable letting agent.  We are full partners with Peter Anthony who are an award winning letting established in 1988.

Depends totally on which type of investment property you decide on.

A leasehold apartment block - Ground Rent (annually), management fees (monthly) and letting fees (monthly).

A freehold family home - Only fixed cost will be your monthly letting fees.

The other fixed cost would be mortgage payments if you use finance for your purchase.

It is important to factor in other variable costs.  The main variable costs will be for repairs, maintenance and possible void periods you may experience.

To mitigate these costs you may consider buying off-plan or new which carry with them build warranties and guarantees.


The housing market is not protected against future financial shocks,  Property values may decrease if the market falls.

The private rental sector needs to sustain growing rents.

Repairs, maintenance and void periods.

Lucrative growth housing market with opportunity for significant capital appreciation.

Asset based (bricks and mortar) investments.

Supply and demand shortfall means increasing tenant demand and also rising rents, resulting in higher investor returns.


Yields vary greatly around the country and also regionally, depending on what type of property you decide on.

London offers some of the worst yields available beause of significantly higher house prices, and the rents can't keep up.  Regional locations such as the North West offer the best yields in the UK.  Cities like Liverpool and Manchester can offer Net yields of between 5-8%  Please be aware that there are types of residential properties offering 10%+ yields.  These tend to be much older properties in less desirable locations which can inherit significant repairs and maintenance costs.

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